Basic Handgun Class – $75

This is the perfect course for a new shooter or those that need to brush up on basics. This class includes a lecture, as well as the much needed hands-on training. This class will cover grip, stance, sight picture, alignment, trigger squeeze, and breathing. When you have completed this course, you will be much more confident and comfortable with your firearm. 

Enhanced Carry Permit Class – $130

As required by the Mississippi Department of Public Safety, the one-day class will consist of classroom study and practical shooting exercises. All training occurs at Trigger Time Indoor Shooting Range. Upon successful completion of this course, attendees will receive the certificate required to obtain the “IC” endorsement for their Mississippi state-issued firearms permit. 

Visit us today to sign up and reserve your spot. Cancellations require 48 hours advance notice prior to the start of the class, and one reschedule will be allowed before course fee is forfeited.
This class requires you to provide a pistol, ammunition (50 rounds), hearing protection, and eye protection. Members are allowed to use their rental program.

Defensive Pistol Course – $125.00

At Trigger Time, we pride ourselves on a friendly, personable and professional environment that places the shooter first and foremost in our training. The Defensive Pistol course includes classroom lectures, demonstrations, and practical application drills using our State of the Art Indoor Shooting Facility here in Tupelo, Mississippi.

This is a one day course which provides the intermediate to experienced shooter with knowledge on safe gun handling while stressing the development of fundamental defensive pistol skills. . It is presented with emphasis on the fundamental information, tactical skills and attitude of situational awareness required to carry and properly utilize a concealed pistol with confidence and in a legal, ethical, and moral manner. It will better prepare you for a defensive encounter. 
You will need a pistol, a sturdy belt and holster and at least one spare magazine and magazine carrier, (three mags would be even better) and at least 300 rounds of ammunition.
Students will gain experience, confidence, and an increased proficiency with their sidearm. You will have a heightened awareness of your own personal capabilities with your chosen equipment and suggested training methods you can use for your future progression. You will shoot from a variety of positions as well as shooting while on the move and at moving targets. These shooting drills and different scenarios are designed to improve your individual skill level and competency.
Engagement distances will range from three yards out to twenty-five yards. We will discuss the precision marksmanship skills used to effectively engage a target at long range, should that ever be required. We will also discuss the up-close defensive marksmanship skills needed to survive close quarter situations quickly & efficiently.
A total of three (3) “CLASSROOM” hours are associated with this course!
Sample of Areas to be Covered:
  • Legal Impacts and Responsibilities of Concealed Carry (30 mins of class)
  • Physiological Impacts of being involved in a Defensive Shooting (45 min class)
  • Developing a better Situational Awareness to avoid a shoot (30 min class)
  • How to properly utilize available cover and concealment
  • Loading and unloading/Clearing procedures
  • Rapid reloads and Tactical reloads
  • Immediate Action or Malfunction drills
  • Fundamentals of Precision Marksmanship
  • Fundamentals of Defensive Marksmanship
  • Proper draw/presentation to the target
  • Techniques to better manage recoil
  • Putting accurate rounds on target quickly
  • Engaging Multiple targets while moving

Combo Class – $175

Enhanced Carry Permit Class + 1 hour Private Lesson.
Combo Class – $125
Basic Handgun Class + 1 hour Private Lesson

See Calendar for Class Dates:

Call us today to sign up and reserve your spot. Cancellations require 48 hours advance notice prior to the start of the class, and one reschedule will be allowed before course fee is forfeited.