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Friday & Saturday

Date Night

$60 for 1 hour Shooting Range & Dinner for two at Steele’s Dive, Mugshots, Fox’s Pizza, D’ Casa or

Texas Roadhouse.

Call for Reservation Times


Pistol League

Trigger Time is hosting a “league” style shooting match every Tuesday & Thursday.

Match will start at 5:45 pm with a safety briefing and shooting will be from 6pm to 7pm.

Match entry fee – $15

Please call to reserve slot in advance

You Will Need:

50 rounds of ammo

2 magazines

The “League” will be divided into categories of:


Seniors (55 & up)

Juniors (18 & Under)

Open (All others)

You would only need to shoot on one of these nights each week. If you cannot make it on one of these nights, you can call and make a reservation on wither Tuesday or Thursday between 11am & 4pm

$2,400 ticket  =  $100 per month
$1,800 ticket  =  $75 per month
$1,200 ticket  =  $50 per month
$600 ticket     =  $25 per month

Thru December 31, 2020

Make Christmas Easy!!!!


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