Real Estate Agent Safety E-Learning Course


Real Estate Agents face unique risks, unlike those in other professions, simply due to the nature of the job. Prepare yourself with strategies to keep both you and your clients safe! Throughout this course we will cover the finer points of tuning into your environment through situational awareness, helping you avoid a potentially violent encounter, and what to do if you find yourself in a self-defense situation.


Learn About…
  • Identify job-related activities that put Agents at risk of an attack.
  • National Association of Realtors Member Survey
  • The Beverly Carter Story
Self Defense Strategies…
  • What is Self Defense? Why take a class?
  • Situational Awareness
  • Colonel Jeff Cooper & the Color Codes of Awareness
  • Event and Threat Indicators
  • The Attack Cycle
  • Flight, Fight or Freeze
  • Mental Exercises & Threat De-Escalation
  • Understanding The Elements of Self Defense
  • Defending Others
  • Safety Considerations Prior to and While Meeting Clients
  • Approaching, Entering and Departing from the Property
Develop a Plan…
  • What To Do If Attacked
  • Defensive Tools
  • Use of Force Options
  • Unarmed Techniques
  • Choosing a Firearm
  • First Aid Considerations
  • Self Defense Myths
  • Handling the Immediate Aftermath & Dialing 911
  • Potential Consequences

This class is presented in a self-paced learning format – watch it all at once or in segments at your convenience!