Range / Gun Rental

Range Program

If you are a beginner or you don’t have your equipment on you, do not worry! We have everything needed to start shooting.
$20.00 per hour 
$10.00 each additional person
$1.50 targets
All shooters are welcome, from novice to expert. At Trigger Time, our facility includes 8 electronically controlled lanes, including a lane for disabled shooters. You can always feel safe at our range because we are always monitored by a full time Range Officer.
You are able to shoot your own firearm or choose from our wide selection. This includes semi-automatic pistols, double action revolvers, single action revolvers, and rifles. This is perfect for those that want to try something out before they purchase! Trigger Time Rentals are required to use Trigger Time ammo.

Gun Program

We have a large selection of revolvers, pistols, rifles and semi-automatic firearms available as rentals on the range. These gun rentals are $10.00 per gun per session. Or even better, 5 handguns for $25.

If interested in purchasing a firearm from Trigger Time Indoor Gun Range, our rentals collection allows you to “try it before you buy it”, ensuring your full satisfaction with your firearm purchase.

Please remember, you must purchase and use Trigger Time Indoor Gun Range ammunition when using one of our firearms